From Orms, this is Orms Air, where we unpack and investigate the compelling questions at the forefront of our creative community’s consciousness, joined by the artists, photographers, and creators brave enough to step up to the mic, and join us in discussion.

Orms Air is a vehicle for us to connect our community in a meaningful way with the creatives we mutually admire. In the safe, laidback environment of our studio, our host, Jess, invites our guests to engage in candid, thought-provoking conversation with intriguing questions about the challenges and victories of the creative process, and their personal participation in their chosen art form. Since its inception in 2019, Orms Air has welcomed renowned photo-journalists, wildly popular content creators, award-winning filmmakers, and genre-defining visual artists to the table and given them the opportunity to share their creative truth with our community.

Whether you are a visual professional seeking inspiration or an arts enthusiast in need of diversion, we invite you to join the conversation by subscribing to Orms Air. We hope that your creativity will be held, nurtured and nourished by participating in our discussions.

New episodes of Orms Air are released every Tuesday on a fortnightly basis while each season runs.

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