Looking for more great photographers to follow on Instagram? Here’s 9 South African Instagrammers worth following!

Not much remains to be said about the rise of Instagram – in just a few years, it has become one of the world’s largest and most popular photo sharing platforms, with millions of active users and more signing up every day.

Since it’s not always easy to discover new photographers to follow, we thought we’d share some of our favourite South Africans on Instagram. We’re planning on making this a regular feature, so ff you have any other suggestions, please share them with us in the comments, and we’ll include them in a future post. Don’t forget that we are on Instagram as well! Follow us at @OrmsDirect.

In no particular order:

1. Ockie Fourie aka @theworldsyoungestman

Ockie Fourie is a photography enthusiast based in Cape Town, that shares great ‘scapes and portraits taken around the city. “Photography is a true passion and I’m always on the lookout for interesting objects, people or locations.”

Follow him on Instagram at @theworldsyoungestman, or visit his website.

2. Sam Linsell aka @drizzleanddip

Sam Linsell is a brilliant food stylist and food photographer. She started her very successful food photography blog, Drizzle and Dip, a few years ago, and also published a cookbook under the same name.

Follow her on Instagram at @drizzleandip, or visit her blog.

3. Rowan Eva aka @rowaneva

Rowan Eva is a creative working in the advertising industry, and he also has a great eye for photography, capturing simple shapes and lines around Cape Town, as well as general snapshots. He’s also involved the next account on our list, @cttype.

Follow him on Instagram at @rowaneva, or visit his website.

4. @cttype

Cttype is a community project centred around capturing typography anywhere and everywhere it can be found in Cape Town, inspired by a similar project started in New York. The Instagram feed shares weekly recaps of photos taken by the community and tagged with #cttype – it’s a great way to follow the project if you’re not constantly checking the hashtag.

Follow the project on Instagram at @cttype, or read more about it on their website.

5. Ben Kaufman aka @ben_kaufman

Ben Kaufman is a producer and photographer based in Cape Town. He shares moody ‘scapes, shot locally and internationally.

Follow him on Instagram at @ben_kaufman.

6. Gary Payn aka @beardboom

Gary Payn is a Durban-based designer and art director with experience working on both national and international brands. He captures great urban- and landscapes around the country.

Follow him on Instagram at @beardboom.

7. I See A Different You aka @iseeadifferentyou

I See A Different You is a collective of three photographers from Soweto, who share street portrait and lifestyle photos. They are currently in Oslo, Norway.

Follow them on Instagram at @iseeadifferentyou, or follow them on Tumblr.

8. Doors of Cape Town aka @doorsofcapetown

Much like Cttype, Doors of Cape Town was inspired by a similar project started in New York. Capetonian editor Barry Havenga captures interesting or colourful doorways and entrances around the city.

Follow the project on Instagram at @doorsofcapetown, and read more about it in our previous feature.

9. Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects aka @_saota

SAOTA is a Cape Town-based architecture firm that shares great photos of architecture around the city, as well as abroad.

Follow them on Instagram at @_saota, or visit the firm’s website.

If you have more suggestions for who to follow on Instagram, please leave a comment below – we’ll feature your suggestions in upcoming posts!


9 Great South African Instagrammers

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