Visual inspiration: Great environmental portraits of craftsmen in their workshops captured by Dean Bradshaw.

These excellent portraits of three crafstmen in their workshops by Los Angeles-based photographer Dean Bradshaw show great usage of lighting to convey mood.

Combining documentary and commercial aesthetics, Dean photographed a metalworker in Venice Beach, as well as a carpenter and a machinist, both working in Downtown LA. Here’s a few photos from each shoot – view the entire project here, and more of Dean’s work on his website.

The Metalworker

dean-bradshaw-01 dean-bradshaw-02 dean-bradshaw-03 dean-bradshaw-16dean-bradshaw-05

The Carpenter

dean-bradshaw-06 dean-bradshaw-07 dean-bradshaw-08 dean-bradshaw-09 dean-bradshaw-10

The Machinist

dean-bradshaw-11 dean-bradshaw-12 dean-bradshaw-13 dean-bradshaw-14 dean-bradshaw-15

Photographs shared under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives licence.