Exhibition: Photos of the huge group exhibition currently on show at Youngblood in Bree Street. Don’t miss it!

Youngblood in Bree Street hosted an amazing opening for a group exhibition last night, as part of First Thursdays Cape Town and The Cape Town Month of Photography.

The show features a huge variety of works by South African and international photographers, encompassing all three floors of the Beautifull Life building, and ranging from photographs to projections and installations.

Here’s a rundown of the work on display: Silken Threads by Tom Ang, We All Fall Down by Niklas Zimmer, Mirrored by Tara Mette, Reconciliation Day by Dale Yudelman, Platfontein: The Hip Hop Bushmen by Thom Pierce, A Step Into The Past by Tristan Chaillet, Monoliths by Gaelen Pinnock, Intimacies With Women by Alexandra Dietz, Conunctio by Kali van der Merwe, Brothers In Crime by Thuli Moso, Quiet by Jodi Bieber, Office Politics by Inge Prins, Selfie by Hentie van der Merwe, Infertile Grounds by Sandra Vitalijic, andΒ In Our Skin by Michelle Sank.

The exhibition will be viewable until the end of the month, so be sure to go take a browse – it’s highly recommended!

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