The DJI Inspire 3 is setting a new standard for aerial cinematography. The DJI Inspire 3 is a full-frame 8K cinema drone built to master the unseen. Featuring a high-mobility precision flight system, a brand new sleek integrated design and a full-frame 8K imaging system, the DJI Inspire 3 establishes itself as the definition of power and performance.

Full-Frame 8K Imaging System

The DJI Inspire 3’s imaging system consists of a full-frame three-axis gimbal camera, the X9-8K Air. Custom-built for the Inspire 3, the X9-8K Air features DJI’s latest imaging processing system, the CineCore 3.0, which supports internal recording of up to 8K25fps CinemaDNG video and 8K/75fps Apple ProRes RAW video. In S&Q mode, filmmakers can tap into the drone’s 4K/120fps RAW video output without cropping, giving them increased creative freedom.

The X9-8KAir’S dual native ISO means that when filming at 30fps, the imaging system offers an EI 800/4000. When shooting below 30fps, an EI 320/1600 is available. The X9-8K Air thus gives filmmakers the opportunity to record images with exceptional details and minimal noise, placing it on par with professional cinema cameras.

With 14+ stops of dynamic range, the DJI Inspire 3’s X9-8K Air’s imaging system captures vibrant colours, highlights and shadows, allowing filmmakers to shoot comfortably in a wide range of lighting conditions.

High-Mobility Precision Flight System

The DJI Inspire 3 features a high-mobility precision flight system that consists of centimetre-level RTK positioning, dual-antenna orientation, Waypoint Pro, Spotlight Pro, an omnidirectional sensing system and more.

The Inspire 3’s high-precision centimetre-level RTK positioning makes flying the cinema drone highly stable and increases accuracy when planning one’s flight route. The Inspire 3 has a dual-antenna orientation that enables three GNSS types: GPS, BeiDou and Galileo. The dual-antenna orientations also deliver dual-frequency positioning to the centimetre level and provide highly powerful anti-magnetic-interference capabilities designed to improve your flight accuracy and the safety of your drone.

The Inspire 3’s Waypoint Pro enables filmmakers to master even the most complex shot scenes. Designed specifically for aerial cinematography, Waypoint Pro allows filmmakers to plan their flight routes and shots with various customised settings. Featuring Repeatable Routes and 3D Dolly modes, the Waypoint Pro gives you the tools to achieve innovative automated shooting.

The drone’s omnidirectional sensing system has nine sensors capable of detecting obstacles in every direction. This allows pilots to fly the cinema drone without fear of knocking into things or ruining their shots with obtrusive things. DJI, for the first time, have added fisheye cameras to the four landing arms of the drone to assist with horizontal obstacle sensing when lowering the landing gear. If pilots are eager to explore things closer to the grain, they have the option of customising the drone’s obstacle sensing. Pilots can manually set the obstacle-sensing range of the Inspire 3 to suit different shooting environments.

Filmmakers and drone pilots will enjoy the Inspire 3’s Ultra-Wide Night-Vision FPV camera. The cinema drone’s 1/1.8-inch-sensor FPV camera and ultra-wide DFOV can transmit live feeds of up to 1080p/60fps. With impressive light-sensing capabilities, filmmakers can clearly observe their surroundings in all lighting conditions.

O3 Pro Video Transmission and Control System

The Inspire 3’s O3 Pro is DJI’s latest cinema-grade video transmission system. The new transmission system allows for a max transmission distance of 15km. The drone’s gimbal and FPV cameras support 1080p/60fps live feeds and a latency of 90ms. Another exciting first for DJI drones is the Inspire 3’s 4k/30fps live feeds which are supported by a 5km transmission distance for UHD monitoring and live streaming on film sets.

Sleek, Integrated Design

One of the standout features of the DJI Inspire 3 is its sleek, integrated design. The new design is incredibly aerodynamic, improving flight experience and drastically reducing air resistance. Thanks to the drone’s powerful propulsion system, the Inspire 3 has a max horizontal flight speed of up to 94kph, a max dive speed of 10m/s and a vertical ascend speed of 8m/s. Filmmakers will enjoy the drone’s extended flight time of 28 minutes, with the possibility of hot-swapping the drone’s Dual TB51 Intelligent Batteries. The cinema drone’s new design supports 360° Pan and Tilt Boost structures, obstruction-free 80° upward-angle shooting, allowing filmmakers to create striking works of art.

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