Aaron Nace at Phlearn demonstrates how to get your images looking great for the web and nail that digital portfolio, take a look…


The internet is the first point of call for anyone looking for a photographer. This of course means your website, blog and social platforms all form part of your portfolio. It’s likely the first place (and possibly the last) a potential client will visit to form an impression about your work. So it goes without saying that what you display should be of exceptional quality.

To help you achieve just that we join Aaron Nace at Phlearn to show us the best way to prepare our images for the web with another great Photoshop Tutorial. From using the different adjustment layers to edit and enhance your colour settings, sharpening for the web and finally, saving your images correctly to reduce load time in the browser.

If you’d like to see more from Phlearn you can visit their website or follow them on YoutubeFacebook or Twitter. They also have a fantastic range of Pro Tutorials available, be sure to check that out and get creative!