Interesting urban decay and urban exploration photographs captured in abandoned structures around Europe by Ben Schreck.

German photographer Ben Schreck sent us these interesting urban exploration photographs, including a few photos taken in the Maginot Line, a wall of bunkers along the French border built as a defence against the Germans.

In Ben’s own words: “Urban Decay or Urban Exploration is the exploring of urban (mostly) abandoned structures. Photographer Ben Schreck has engaged for years with the subject, and the beauty in it.

The following photos show a cross section of his work from the abandoned places. Insights into the present of the past. From dark shafts in old mines, from bizarre sceneries in derelict houses and castles, surreal-looking industry and unique photos from the Maginot Line out of the second World War.”

Some of the photos were also captured inside a paper factory, a coal washery, a castle and an abandoned coal mine. For more of Ben’s work, visit his website. If you enjoy urban exploration photography, be sure view the work of Californian photographer Troy Paiva, and Capetonian photographer Steven Morrow.

Ben Schreck 02 Ben Schreck 03 Ben Schreck 04 Ben Schreck 05 Ben Schreck 06 Ben Schreck 07 Ben Schreck 08 Ben Schreck 09 Ben Schreck 10 Ben Schreck 11 Ben Schreck 12

Photographs shared with permission.