In yet another fantastic SLR Lounge episode, we look at 3 quick and easy tips when light shaping for dramatic portraits. Take a look…


When it comes to portraiture the “perfect light” depends largely on the desired end result. In this example, the team over at the SLR Lounge wanted to create dynamic fitness portraits of their subjects. Although in good shape, to really show the muscle definition they needed to use more than one light.

Watch as Pye talks you through his setup stating; “Even if you eventually want to create an image with a multi-light setup, always start with just one light and then figure out if you need to add additional light sources. For our shoot we started out with the Profoto B1 as our primary light that is meant to be cast over our model’s face and body.” He continues; “After that one light is setup, target areas of the body that are lost in shadow and decide if you need to fill or if you need an additional light.” Let’s take a look…

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