Ever thought about that? The photographic equipment we have today is so much more advanced than that of those who came before us. So why do we focus so much on our gear? Ted Forbes explains.

In this episode, Ted Forbes from The Art of Photography shares some important thoughts regarding photographic gear, and how we perceive it. In the past year or two, we’ve shared a few posts here on the blog about the importance of gear. Or rather, the importance we put on gear. You might remember we’ve shared the “Does Gear Really Matter?” post a little while back for example.

Sharing some of his own thoughts on the matter Ted says; “Every famous photograph was made with a camera, less advanced than the one you are using now“, this is a quote I read a few months ago that’s stuck with me for quite some time. Ansel Adams didn’t have gear as advanced as what we have now. Neither did Henri Cartier-Bresson or W Eugene Smith or Saul Leiter. Photographers tend to put equipment on a pedestal. We blame our shortcomings as photographers on the gear that we have. Sony, Nikon, and Canon all market to us in that way – you need the latest and the greatest because your photography depends on it!

The truth is that important work… work that matters – doesn’t have anything to do with the technology we have access to. It has everything to do with what we have to say and communicate visually. Photography is an act of speaking.”

We would love to hear your take on this, what do you think?

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