Eric Holubow photographs abandoned buildings that should be remembered for the grandeur they once presented.

Photographer Eric Holubow describes himself as an “urban exploration photographer” – and rightfully so – as his expanding portfolio covers a multitude of cities where abandoned buildings have been left to decay and be immersed by the cities they are situated in.

There’s always been a shared fascination with the decay of once vibrant and bustling areas, especially in metropolitan areas (look at Chernobyl as an example). These places were left “as they were” when they were last used and viewers of these images are left to draw correlations, parallels and make their own stories of what happened in these places. These buildings, being the once active areas that they were have now been forgotten and left to decay forever more.

Of his work, Eric says:

Being a Chicagoan, I have always been attracted to the beauty of architecture. While some celebrate a structure’s construction, I am drawn to its deconstruction; when these industrial, commercial and residential buildings transition into ruins. It is at these moments when the energy needed to preserve extinguishes; when a building’s existence is no longer deemed viable or valuable. In these forgotten and overlooked places, I see not just loss, tragedy, or decay, but the chaos in which a new architect’s vision may be born.

To see more of Eric’s fascinating work, you can visit his site here and his Flickr gallery here.