Massive exhibition of marine wildlife images on show at the Iziko SA Museum as part of the Save Our Seabirds Festival.

As part of the 2011 Save Our Seabirds Festival (SOS) and National Marine Week, BirdLife South Africa has put together an exhibition of 50 oceanic wildlife themed photographs at the Iziko SA Museum. Presented as backlit Duratrans prints, the photographs “pop” from the wall with vivid colours, something that has to be seen in person!

Oceans of Life is running from 10 October till 20 November 2011 at the Iziko SA Museum in Cape Town. Visit the event’s page on the Iziko website for more information. Below you’ll find some teaser photographs as well as an overview of the exhibition space.

The exhibition was printed by Vincent van Graan at the Orms ProPhoto Lab.