Watch as photographer and filmmaker, Chris Hau explains how to find your niche and build a creative, profitable business in less than a year.

This is one many of you might find interesting. Meet Chris Hau, a photographer and filmmaker from Toronto, Canada. Chris also has a YouTube channel and in this video he shares a few tips that might just help you get your photography business off the ground a little faster. All of us follow other photographers on the internet who we love, we learn from them, we get inspired by them. But what happens if we all go after the same type of work? Does it all look the same? How do we find a way to stand out? Or perhaps even better, find a specific area or market that might be less explored? In other words, how do you find your niche?

Well, in this video Chris shares how he found his, and although it might not seem “glamorous” so some, it did result in a healthy client base that drives a creative and profitable business. Let’s take a look…

If you’d like to keep up with more from Chris be sure to head on over to his channel. Alternatively, you can also follow him on his website or any of these social pages; Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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