Michaela Verity will be presenting a part-time course on the History of Fashion Photography at the CTSP later this month.

Later this month, the Cape Town School of Photography will be presenting an interesting short course on the History of Fashion Photography, presented by Michaela Verity, the resident cover photographer for The Big Issue magazine.

The part-time course will presented as six 3-hour sessions over three weeks, from 16 October to 1 November 2012, and is perfect for everyone from keen photographers to stylists or fashion enthusiasts. The course’s description states:

This course serves to inspire and encourage your own vision by analysing what has come before and what is happening in the industry right now. We will consider, question and probe the most beautiful work of the past century, looking at photographs, essays on the topic and short films. You can expect more than simply flipping through a few magazines.

This course guarantees to broaden your knowledge of the history of fashion photography, boost your own work and leave you feeling totally inspired!

Take a look at the course’s bookings page for more information about the course, or to reserve your seat in class.