Leave a comment to vote for your favourite photograph in the Orms Connect Monthly Photo Competition for November 2011!

Update Friday 25 November 2011 1:30PM
The winning image for November is Nicole Wonfor’s brilliant photograph of the Huguenot Tunnel. Congratulations Nicole!

Thank you for all the entries and votes this month. Remember to submit your photographs for next month’s Facebook gallery and keep an eye out for the next Monthly Photo Competition!


Update Friday 25 November 2011 1:14PM
The voting is now closed! Thanks to everyone that left their vote in the comments! The winning image will be announced shortly.


Another month has passed and it’s time to pick the community’s favourite photograph submitted in November! Apologies for starting the competition a day late – it was delayed due to the last day of voting for the Synergy Live Music Photography Competition.

If you would like to enter the December competition, instructions are included at the bottom of the post.

We’ve narrowed it down to five images, now it’s up to you to decide which photo was the best. Simply leave a comment below and let us know which image you like the most. The winner will be announced on Friday, and his or her photograph will be featured in the next monthly newsletter.

In alphabetical order:

01. Emilia Knight:

02. Kyle Mijlof:

03. Nicole Wonfor:

04. Peter van der Horst:

05. Roxanne Davids:

How to enter next month’s competition:
The Orms Connect Monthly Photo Competitions use the galleries on Orms Direct’s Facebook pageas entries. You can submit your photographs via email or via the Orms group on Flickr. If you decide to mail your images through, please rename the files to “Name Surname 01.jpg”, and please use the subject line: “Facebook Photo Submissions”. Also include the camera and lens combination (make and model) in the message body. Thanks for sending in your photographs, keep them coming!

Please keep in mind that we do check for duplicate comments. Keep it honest: One person, one vote. If you really like one of the finalist photographs (or you took it) and you would like to see it win, please share the post with your friends via the Disqus “Like” button below!


Monthly Photo Competition – November 2011

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