A few weeks ago we put out a call for you, our creative community, to share your Larger Than Life Memories with us for the chance to win the new DJI Mavic Air 2.

We received such an incredible response from you with over 800 short videos being shared under the #OrmsDJILargerThanLife hashtag. With such high levels of creativity and cinematic strength, we’ve taken our time going through each submission and have been blown away by the adventures we’ve been taken on through your lens. 

While our top three have been chosen, we’d like to give the following submissions a special mention and share these adventures with you all. 

In no particular order here are our top ten videos that we felt deserved an honourable mention.

Chad Nathan

We loved this submission by Chad, not only as it showcases the quintessential Cape Town experience but also for its relation to the fundraising project, Raising Home, which has raised over R500K since lockdown began all in aid of charitable organisations. Taking a deep dive into Chad’s Instagram gave us a look into all of the causes he supports and spoke to the strong sense of community and neighbourly care that we should all have at the forefront of our minds during this time.

You can show your support for Raising Hope by taking a look at the Back a Buddy page associated with this fundraising project.

Luke Nelson

Luke’s submission was intimate and honest and allowed us all a glimpse into his reflections in lockdown. We found that while this video was very personal we could all relate to this experience and found ourselves drawn into watching this video over and over again. From a technical standpoint, the use of steady pacing and natural handheld shots truly grounded this creation in reality and we thoroughly enjoyed these elements.

Stefan Jacobs

Stefan’s fun and fast-paced adventures had us wanting more and the vintage camera effect Stefan chose as the opening to his video put a smile across our collective faces. This creation captures that wild, thrilling joy that one experiences when missioning with friends, a feeling we all miss. We also loved how Stefan managed to seamlessly mix a collection of professionally shot footage with more casual everyday moments, this allowed us to truly join in the fun.

Gavin Goodman

Gavin’s creation titled “Breathe” was a gentle reminder to us all to take a moment and inhale deeply. It’s undeniable that as humans we are fascinated with the ocean and many of us find much-needed peace in our interactions with large bodies of water. Our thanks go to Gavin for sharing this creation with us and for providing a sense of catharsis for those of us who have deeply missed our oceans and coastlines whilst in lockdown. We also found ourselves moving along with the classical piano piece that accompanied this creation and found it so poignant that it brought to mind moving water.

Josiah Suskin

Josiah’s quirky edit of Looking Back & Moving Forward has us all longing for days spent in the sunshine with a special someone by our side. It reminded us to stay upbeat and positive during times when that has been a struggle.

We also can’t not mention Josiah’s Pics with Pops, because your Pops deserves a shout out all his own! This second mention so perfectly captures the essence of the photo walk, something we’re sure our community are missing very much during these times and something we all cannot wait to get out and do again. We also love the music choice in both these videos, with each providing the perfect injection of spirit and giving us a glimpse into Josiah’s personality.

Neill Kropman

Neill’s creation lit a fire under us as it posed the question “How will you return to your place in this intoxicating life?”
We enjoyed the rousing voiceover and the breath-taking imagery as we returned to many familiar locations through a different lens. Neill, we cannot wait to return to the world outside of our four walls after seeing them through your perspective.

Jarret Erasmus

From his clever intro to the last moments of his creation, Jarret had us completely hooked on his adventure through his hard drive. We so enjoyed going on this breath-taking journey with you through all of the places we can’t wait to get back to and had us longing for long summer days spent outside with sand under our feet and the sun kissing our faces.

Michael Klein

Michael’s creation took us on an adventure to Finland through his eyes and we didn’t look away for a second. We so enjoyed being taken to the Arctic without leaving our seats and could almost feel the damp snow and freezing temperatures through our screens. You really can’t go wrong when including a pack of the cutest pups in your video either!

Pauline Sherman

Pauline’s video made us nostalgic with those lazy summer evenings and featured so many beautiful shots of our Mother City. We felt as though we were watching those old home videos that so many of us grew up with and loved the inclusion of her friends sharing what they most missed about the great outdoors.

Ultimately what drew us to Pauline’s creation was that it perfectly highlighted the thing we miss most about pre-lockdown life, the people in our lives and how so many of those connections are linked to the beautiful spaces and places we are longing to return to.

Dibert Theron

Dibert’s edit sent us swirling through his lens into a breath-taking loop of spectacular memories. We may just need to get an itemised list of all of these locations so that we can visit them once lockdown is lifted. Honestly, we could watch this seamless loop on repeat all day long!