There is one critical question that plagues photography and videography newbies entering the image-making game: DSLR vs mirrorless? Which one should I choose?

While initial instincts might push you down the mirrorless path (it’s newer, therefore, it must be better, right?), a more in-depth examination reveals that both the more modern mirrorless system and the more traditional DSLR one have clear advantages and disadvantages. If you do not possess a thorough understanding of how both systems function, where they differ and the industry fields to which they are best suited, it can be very difficult to choose one.

Fortunately, OrmsTV is here to help! Deon, our veteran host and resident Leica/Fujifilm fanboy, produced our comprehensive guide to DSLR vs mirrorless systems back in April of 2020. This video has helped stacks of our viewers to make up their minds between a tried-and-tested DSLR body and a fresher, more innovative mirrorless approach.

You can find the full video HERE on our YouTube channel. It includes deep dives into the following topics:

  • What is a DSLR camera and how does it work?
  • How do mirrorless cameras work?
  • How these systems differ from each other: viewfinder, size, ergonomics, etc.
  • Recent groundbreaking improvements in mirrorless lens technology
  • The difference between contrast-detection and phase-detection autofocus
  • The future of autofocus in photography
  • Do mirrorless cameras have an advantage over DSLRs with video shooting?
  • What is the future of DSLRs? Are they dead?
  • Should you go mirrorless or DSLR?

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