The new year marks a new opportunity to explore your creativity as a photographer. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, trying out new photography prompts can help you push your boundaries, find new inspiration, and improve your skills. From capturing everyday moments to experimenting with new techniques, these photography prompts will help you hone your skills and see the world from a different perspective. So grab your camera, embrace the creative spirit, and let’s embark on a year of photographic exploration together.

photography prompt

Urban Renewal: Capture the changing landscapes of a city, focusing on areas that have undergone significant transformation. This could include new architecture, renovated parks, or revitalised neighborhoods.

Culture: Document the diverse cultural practices and traditions of various ethnic groups in your city or country.

Minimalism: Create a series of photos that embrace minimalism, using simple compositions, neutral colour palettes, and a focus on negative space.

Street Art and Graffiti: Document the vibrant world of street art and graffiti in urban settings, capturing the artistic expression found on city walls and streets.

Portraits of Resilience: Take portraits of individuals in your community who exemplify resilience and strength, whether through their personal stories, achievements, or roles in society.

photography prompt

Macro World: Dive into the world of macro photography, showcasing the intricate details of small subjects like insects, plants, or everyday objects.

Festivals and Celebrations: Capture the essence of local or international festivals and celebrations, focusing on the colours, emotions, and unique aspects of these events.

Reflections and Symmetry: Focus on capturing reflections in water, mirrors, glass buildings, or any reflective surfaces. Experiment with symmetry and asymmetry in your compositions.

Street Life: Capture candid moments of people in their everyday urban environment. Look for interesting expressions, interactions, and the rhythm of city life.

street photography

Abandoned Places: Explore and photograph abandoned buildings, vehicles, or towns. These places can tell a story of decay, history, and a forgotten past.

Black and White Emotions: Shoot a series of photos focusing on human emotions or daily life, using black and white photography to emphasise mood and texture.

Silhouettes Against Sunsets: Use the setting sun to backlight subjects, creating intriguing silhouettes. This can add mystery and drama to your photographs.

Architectural Geometry: Focus on the geometric shapes, lines, and forms found in modern and historical architecture. Look for interesting patterns and perspectives.

The Colour Blue: Spend a day or a week photographing only things that are blue. This will challenge you to see your surroundings differently.

Food Stories: Go beyond simple food photography. Capture the process of cooking, the people who make the food, or the environment where it’s eaten.

Faces in the Crowd: Take candid shots of people in crowded places like markets, concerts, or streets. Capture expressions and emotions that stand out in the crowd.

The World in Monochrome: Challenge yourself to shoot only in black and white for a day or a week. Pay attention to contrast, texture, and composition without the distraction of color.

Nature’s Patterns: Look for natural patterns in leaves, trees, landscapes, or even the sky. Focus on the art that nature creates.

Long Exposure: Experiment with long exposure shots to capture motion, like flowing water, traffic trails, or star trails.

Film Noir: Emulate the moody and dramatic lighting of classic film noir movies. Look for scenes with strong shadows and use low-key lighting to create a sense of mystery.

Movie Poster Style: Think about how movie posters are designed and create a photo that could serve as a poster for an imaginary film. Consider the use of typography and negative space.

Action Freeze Frame: Capture action shots that freeze a moment in time, making it feel like an action sequence from a movie. Use fast shutter speeds and dynamic angles.

Cultural Festivities: Document cultural events, festivals, or traditional ceremonies, capturing the essence of the culture, the people, and the atmosphere.

Cinematic Self-Portrait: Put yourself in the spotlight and create a self-portrait that tells a story or conveys a mood. Pay attention to lighting and composition to make it cinematic.

High Contrast: Seek out scenes with strong contrasts between light and dark areas to create bold and dramatic black-and-white images.

Documentary Storytelling: Create a visual narrative that tells a story or documents a specific event or subject.

Abstract Black and White: Experiment with abstract photography by focusing on shapes, lines, and forms in the absence of colour.

Multiple Exposures: Combine two or more exposures in a single frame to create a layered and abstract composition.

Artisans and Craftsmen at Work: Find artisans or craftsmen who specialise in traditional crafts, such as pottery, weaving, or woodcarving, and photograph them in their creative process.

We’d love to see all your photographs this year and the ways that you interpret these prompts. Tag us and use #ishootwithOrms on social media to showcase your amazing work. We’re excited to share your creativity with the entire Orms community.

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