Great portraits and fascinating underwater photographs captured by Cape Town-based photographer Daryl Glass.

Daryl Glass is a Cape Town-based photographer with a passion for portraiture and underwater photography, but he also shoots the occasional landscape or wedding.

Originally from Johannesburg, Daryl moved to Cape Town in 2003, and worked as a designer in the advertising industry until he made the leap to freelance photography and design.

He explains: “I’ve been involved in photography in some way or another for many years. First as a student cutting my teeth with analog and film, then directing shoots as a designer in the advertising industry and now as a professional photographer with an eye for design, composition and layout. I’ve always been fascinated by the camera and the magic some people are able to capture with it. In 2012, I thought it was about time to try make some magic of my own.”

Here’s a selection of his amazing work. For more, visit his website, or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Underwater Photography:

Daryl Glass 02 Daryl Glass 03 Daryl Glass 04 Daryl Glass 05 Daryl Glass 06 Daryl Glass 07 Daryl Glass 08


Daryl Glass 09 Daryl Glass 10 Daryl Glass 11 Daryl Glass 12 Daryl Glass 13 Daryl Glass 14 Daryl Glass 15