Introducing RØDE Connect – the ultimate software solution for seamless podcasting and live streaming experiences. With versions for both Mac and Windows, the RØDE Connect Software is entirely free to download and compatible with a vast range of RØDE microphones, including the NT-USB Mini, VideoMic NTG, AI-Micro, VideoMic GO II, Wireless GO II, and the NT-USB+.

Download the Rode Connect software here.

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This software is designed to deliver unparalleled convenience and power, allowing content creators to produce professional-quality podcasts with minimal hassle.

The software’s intuitive recording interface offers complete control over audio recordings, taking cues from the RØDECaster Pro. With broadcast-style faders, level metering, sound pads, a mute button, multi-channel recording, and more, delivering exceptional audio quality to your audience has never been easier.

RØDE Connect integrates external audio sources like chat applications, program sound, and mic audio, allowing creators to mix and output a finished product in real time. You can connect up to four podcasters to a single computer with any combination of compatible RØDE microphones, eliminating complex routing. Additionally, you can unlock the full potential of your RØDE microphones with access to powerful digital signal processing, including a noise gate, compressor, and the APHEX Aural Exciter.

The software seamlessly connects remote guests with virtual channels, integrates streaming applications, and adds music beds. The automatic mix-minus on every channel ensures crystal-clear, echo-free audio. Furthermore, the fully-equipped sound pad section with three separate playback styles and up to eight banks of sound offers even more creativity.

For live streamers and gamers, setting up live streams is a breeze with dedicated output controls for popular streaming apps like OBS or Xplit.

RØDE Connect Version 1.1

The recent release of RØDE Connect Version 1.1 offers even more high-quality streaming and podcasting features, making it an even more powerful tool for content creators. Some of the updates to the RØDE Connect software include:

Sound Pads

The RØDE Connect Version 1.1 has eight colour-coded sound pads to effortlessly trigger music beds, sound effects, or any pre-recorded audio. Dedicated RØDE customers will notice that this feature resembles the sound pads featured on the RØDECaster Pro.

The sound pads are equipped with a collection of classic sound effects while also allowing you to load your sounds by conveniently dragging and dropping your audio files onto the preferred pad. With eight banks of eight pads available, you can load up to 64 sounds in total.

The sound pad also features three audio playback styles: Toggle, Hold and 1-shot.

Swear Button and Trash Talk Modes

Besides the standard ‘Sound’ mode, RØDE Connect provides two additional sound pad modes: ‘Swear Button’ (‘!@#$’) and ‘Trash Talk.’

In ‘Swear Button’ mode, pressing the pad will silence all outputs from all channels and activate a classic bleep tone. You can replace the bleep tone with any sound of your choice!

When a sound pad is in ‘Trash Talk’ mode, holding the pad will mute all audio from the ‘Virtual’ and ‘System’ channels, rendering remote callers unable to hear you or your guests. In essence, it places your caller on hold while you converse with other guests.

Solo Buttons

The RØDE Connect Version 1.1 also features a ‘Solo’ button for every channel. This feature enables the ‘Channel 1’ host to listen to one or more channels without muting all other channels. It’s useful when hosting a podcast and you want to listen to a specific channel without interrupting the conversation’s natural flow.

Download the RØDE Connect software here.

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