The City is the latest body of work by fine art photographer Lori Nix. These amazing photographs have to be seen to be believed.

Fine art photographer Lori Nix’s The City completely took us by surprise. Take a look at these three photographs:

Great photography, but how was it made? Did she find these abandoned scenes? Was it photo manipulation? Neither. These are photographs of painstakingly created miniature dioramas! Here’s a video showcasing the finer details of her work:

Source: Fast Company Co.Design

Lori Nix specialises in the construction of photographs through these dioramas. Everything you see, from the details to the lighting is photographed in-camera, with no post-production or digital manipulation at all – but we won’t blame you if she managed to fool you at first. “My goal is to maybe confuse the viewer for five seconds – if they even give me five seconds of their time – and then they might realise ‘oh, this isn’t a real space, this is totally fabricated.'”

The City is her latest body of work. Truly amazing photography. Below is another video by Coolhunting, where she explains her style and workflow, and some more photographs.

Visit her about page for an extensive interview.