Great documentary-style photographs of the South African and Namibian Diamond Coast, captured by Dillon Marsh.

These great documentary-style photographs were captured by Dillon Marsh along the Diamond Coast of South Africa and Namibia.

“While taking photos for two other series describing the neglected state of two small towns on the Diamond Coast of South Africa and Namibia, I also took time to explore the area a bit more resulting in this compilation.”

View the rest of the series here, and visit Dillon’s website for more of his work. We’ve also featured him before – view the posts.

Dillon Marsh 02 Dillon Marsh 03 Dillon Marsh 04 Dillon Marsh 05 Dillon Marsh 06 Dillon Marsh 07 Dillon Marsh 08

Photographs shared under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives licence.