It took two months for photographer and filmmaker, Mathieu Stern to “erase everyone in Paris” with Photoshop for his short film “Alone in Paris”.


Over the last few months we’ve shared a video or two by Paris-based photographer and filmmaker, Mathieu Stern who started a series on YouTube called, “Weird Lens Challenge”. Some of what we shared included; “How to get Bokeh Madness on Video” and “Shooting a Video with a 105 Year Old Lens“. Today’s video is a little different however, “Alone in Paris” took over two months to complete. Stern shot the video during week days, mostly around 2pm, then “erased everyone in Paris” in Photoshop, frame-by-frame.

About the project Stern said on his blog, “Being alone in a big city is something rare, but what would happen if you could visit a totally empty version of Paris? This personal project was born after I spent too much time in a crowded subway… what if everyone was gone, what if I had Paris for myself… what if… and why not ? We’ve all heard the phrase “Sometimes, only one person is missing, and the whole world seems depopulated”… so I wanted to show exactly what it feels like in this video.”

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[Via Petapixel & Mathieu Stern]