Pye, from the SLR Lounge shares 4 tips for when you MUST use direct flash.

To start off, it’s probably a good idea to explain what direct flash is – for those who aren’t so sure. Direct flash is quite simply when the flash is on your camera, it could also be a strobe or light source right next to the camera. So basically pointing directly at your subject. We all know that harsh, bright, “flashy” look – that’s it. If you’re still wondering if this is a good or a bad thing, it’s mostly not a good thing.

Now, in some circles of fashion photography this has become popular, although to pull it off it’s much easier said than done. So, unless you’re shooting high fashion and you really know what you are doing, it’s probably best to try and avoid. However, the odds are you will find yourself in a situation where you simply don’t have another option. It’s at exactly that moment, where you will need 4 Tips for when you MUST use Direct Flash from Pye, at the SLR Lounge. Take a look…

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