In this tutorial, we look at five tips to help you improve your interior photography – whether you’re shooting weddings, real estate, or lifestyle.

Everyone ready for the long weekend? Hopefully, you are all set to get some awesome shooting done over this Easter Weekend! If not, never fear because we’ve got a great little interior photography tutorial for you to get some of those creative juices flowing.

Watch as the Mango Street team shares 5 really easy tips to improve your interior photography. These are great for anyone, whether you are interested to specialize in real estate photography, or even weddings and lifestyle photography. Nailing the shot by using the correct lenses, getting rid of the clutter and getting the colour temperature right will make all the difference.

As always the Mango Street team have a host of helpful videos and tutorials on their YouTube channel, so head on over and be sure to hit subscribe while you’re there. You can also follow them on Instagram, at @rachelgulotta and @danielinskeep.

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