Step up your Time-Lapse Photography with a few tips from Outdoor and Adventure Sports photographer Corey Rich.

Ready to take your time-lapse photography to the next level? In this two part video Corey Rich shares a few ideas on how to do just that. Your time-lapse doesn’t have to be without camera movement. With a bit of moving, panning and tilting while capturing the time-lapse you could potentially get some incredible results.

Most of the equipment Corey uses is available right here at Orms, get in touch with our Pro Broadcast Manager Juanne to provide you will all the info you need.

If you’re still a little unsure about what a time-lapse is, and how to photograph it you can find Corey’s “Basic Time-Lapse” video below.


Need a little inspiration?  We’ve got a collection of great time-lapse video’s on Orms Connect, have a look here!

Corey Rich is a renowned outdoor and adventure sports photographer, today he shares a few useful tips about Time-Lapse Photography. Corey gives advice on the best settings to use, as well as how to make the most out of it creatively.  You can read and see more of Corey’s work by visiting his website.