Johannesburg based visual artist Billie Zangewa took the Tate Modern through her city and her practice of daily feminism.

As a visual artist, Billie’s main focus is textiles through which she explores universal themes predominantly happening around the home front. With this focus, Billie amplifies these daily acts of feminism and works towards shining a light on how women show their strength through often unseen daily acts.

Journeying through the city through the eyes of the artist we are given a glimpse into the spaces from which inspiration is gained. From the fabric shop that Billie frequents to her kitchen studio, we are shown a side that not many experience and given a deeper understanding and appreciation for her work.

Billie speaks to her use of silks in the majority of her pieces and links her usage of silk as a by-product of transformation to her work being a way for her to gain a deeper understanding of self.

Be sure to follow Billie’s journey through her artistic expression in the Tate Shots video linked above. To find out more about Billie Zangewa you can find her website here.

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