Interview with Rosie Matheson, a young photographer based in the Brighton, UK. Watch as she talks about her passion for film photography, shooting portraits and upcoming projects.

We’ve got a little film photography inspiration for you today, watch as George and the Negative Feedback team interview medium format film photographer, Rosie Matheson. As is the case with many of the new wave professionals, Matheson has embraced film. Now in her early 20’s, the portrait and documentary photographer has done work for the likes of Adidas, Nike, the Financial Times and Getty Images – to name but a few. She’s also been featured in The Guardian, i-D Magazine and several others.

This is a great interview for our aspiring young photographers out there, so take a listen!

If you’d like to keep up with more from Rosie you can follow her work on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or on her website.

You can also catch up with George and the team at Negative Feedback, they have been building a fantastic collection of videos on YouTube. A great source of information if you are interested in film photography. You can also stay in touch with them via Instagram or Twitter.

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