Another inspiring TateShots, this time interviewing Joan Jonas, an American visual artist and a pioneer of video and performance art who is one of the most important female artists of our time.

As much as we love photography, there are so many different forms of art and artists around the world that we could be drawing inspiration from. In this episode, the Tate team joined artist Joan Jonas in her New York City studio. Jonas is one of the most important American artists to emerge in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Her pioneering experimentation and work in video and performance provided a foundation from which this type of art could evolve and grow.

In this film, she talks about her love of New York City and places ‘that have holes in them’ as well as her preparation for her exhibition and the live events which were prepared to take place at Tate Modern in March, earlier this year. Now in her 80s, Jonas reflects on her boundary-breaking career.

“I’m just very interested in life, and curious about many things. When I finish one piece I’m challenged to explore and experiment to go into the unknown continuously. One never knows when one begins a piece, where it will really be in the end, I find the images as I work”. – Joan Jonas

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