Humankind, the latest passion project by local creative Dan Mace brings the world to your screen and poses an interesting question.

There’s nothing we love more than supporting local creatives and celebrating the incredible talent coming from our shores. You may recognise Cape Town native Dan Mace from his body of work or from the many occasions he’s been featured here. But his new project, Humankind is something completely different.

Humankind is the collaborative effort of local creative Dan Mace and 100 content creators from around the globe and allows you to travel the world in four minutes while leaving you with the resonating understanding that at our core and despite all of our differences we are all connected. We are left with the burning desire to dig deeper and answer the question posed at both the opening and closing scenes of Humankind, ” Who are you? ”

Apart from the powerful and building imagery, Mace’s Humankind carries a strong narrative, which can be read in full below, and is one not to be missed!

Hey… Who are you? Like in a casual way… who are you actually?

Let’s start right at the beginning. You’re definitely human. Unless you’re watching this really far into the future and in that case hello new species.

If you have access to this video, you have routine, it may not be structured, but you eat when you’re hungry and sleep when you’re tired. You have a dream, the need to feel somewhat significant, which you are.. but you need to know it. Adventure and uncertainty keep you wondering, keep you curious to learn. But most importantly you need connection, connection to people. Now more than ever.

The point of the imagery on the screen is to showcase the unseen
Hidden in plain sight. A lens with no boundaries, no script, just 100 filmmakers with a dream.
Across 100 different cultures, from east to west, imagery untouched, unprocessed.
Look at all these people.
Look at this man smiling at his son. That feeling you felt right there that’s called connection.

In a world of organized chaos, chaos organized… to keep you from imagining a world that hasn’t been advertised.
Characterised not by your disguise but loved for what’s inside.

Ever wondered how Dancing to music is speaking every language at once.
Imagine a world with no language, only feeling, who then would be the most gifted?

The world needs to reimagine LOVE. Not the Shakespearian understanding, love is blind,
But rather imagine the world as one, like Lennon’s mind..

Who are you? This should not be defined by an act.
if couldn’t start with your qualification, status or job what would you answer to that?

You are a Devine being.
You are Love.
You are made up of 1 lifetime.. well on earth at least.

Just as Day moves into night, you’re growing older.

Make change, before it’s too late.
The smallest gestures are where change begins. Therefore make them great.

Now ask yourself.. Who am I .. really?

And what are you going to do with that to make change.

By doing that.. you’ve just started. “

By doing that.. you’ve just started. ” – Dan Mace

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