Incredible photos documenting the city of Montreal, taken by French photographer Julien Coquentin over two years.

Early Sunday Morning is a beautiful street photography / documentary project by French photographer Julien Coquentin, who spent two years living and photographing in Montreal.

The photos were mostly captured while Julien was on his way home in the morning, after working through the night at the emergency room of a large hospital, hence the title, which is borrowed from a painting by Edward Hopper.

“Today the sharpest sensations that remain in my memory, are probably the ones I felt during early winter mornings, when was ending my night job. I left the hospital, impregnated with the smell and the mood of others, the icy cold outside had killed any perfume. I remember the empty and white boulevards, and a snow falling gently, silently.”

Read the whole story and view the rest of part one of the series on Behance – it’s worth it.

Photographs shared under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives licence.