These manipulated photos of flying cars created by Sylvain Viau offers us a glimpse at an alternate reality.

Sylvain Viau is a French naval designer with a penchant for photography and photo manipulations.

Wondering what his Citroën CX would look like if it lived up to its nickname of the “flying carpet”, Sylvain removed the car’s wheels digitally, resulting in an interesting glimpse at what might have been if humanity discovered a way to create levitating cars in the 80s.

He writes: “Citroën cars are famous for their very smooth handling and hydraulic suspension system. They are usually nicknamed ‘flying carpet’. This is my own flying carpet after little custom works, a CX GTI Turbo produced in 1984! Much more comfortable like this!”

Here’s a few more photos from Sylvain’s work-in-progress project. View more his works on Behance.

sylvain-viau-03 sylvain-viau-04 sylvain-viau-05 sylvain-viau-06 sylvain-viau-07

Photographs shared under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives licence.

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