On account of receiving an amazing lyric as an entry, we’ve announced TWO winners in the Fotopro M-5 Mini Tripod giveaway!

And now for something different… We’ll be awarding TWO winners in the Fotopro M-5 Mini Tripod competition: Anita Koetsier and Werner!

As per the competition rules, we usually draw our giveaway winners randomly, but one of the entries in the Fotopro M-5 Mini Tripod giveaway was so exceptional, that we’ve decided to give away a second tripod as well!

The competition asked “What do you like about the Fotopro M-5 Mini?”, and Werner wrote this lyric as his entry:

My pictures move
My pictures have sound
My pictures are videos;
this is obvious by now

My videos are shaky
My videos always need more than one take-y
My videos are okay
But would be better with the Fotopro M5 Mini

It might me small
It might be tiny
It might be shiney
We can all agree it is a little serious.

The grips are cool
The waterlevel is true
From 28 to 47
its height adjustment is from heaven.

You always feel safe
with the Fotopro around your waist
Making for easy travel,
if your going over gravel.

This is what I like about the Fotopro M5 Mini.

Incredible, right?

Both Werner and the randomly selected winner, Anita Koetsier, will receive a Fotopro M-5 Mini Tripod worth R1,495. Read more about the tripod in the giveaway post, or view it on Orms Direct.

Fotopro M-5 06

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Fotopro M-5 Mini Tripod Competition Winners

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