Analog enthusiasts, it’s the end of an era. We will sadly be discontinuing E6 film processing on Friday 28 February 2014.

It’s with great sadness that we’re announcing that we’ll be discontinuing E6 film processing at the end of February 2014. If you still have a few rolls of slide film waiting to be shot or developed, now’s the time to do it. Of course, all C41 processing services will continue for the indefinite future, so cross-processing is still an option.

Here’s the official announcement:

Dearest Client,

After much thought and consideration, we have made the decision to stop our E6 processing service.

Our E6 processing machine requires a certain amount of film to be processed every day in order to ensure that the chemicals remain regulated, and with the decline in numbers of E6 film being processed, we will soon be unable to maintain the high standard of quality that you have come to expect from us.

We will certainly miss E6 and it is with a heavy heart that we must say goodbye to the slide process. The final date for E6 processing will be Friday 28th February 2014.

It is important to note that all C41 processing services will continue. Fujifilm slide film will still be available to purchase after this date, and we can still cross-process E6 film in C41 chemicals for the Lomography look.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our lab manager Aimee van Heerden at for more information.

Yours sincerely,
Mike Ormrod

We are currently planning a suitable send-off for this great process, and we’ll have more news soon – keep an eye on the blog for updates.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Please note that we do not currently have any plans to make E6 chemicals available for home processing.


E6 Processing Will Be Discontinued In February

      1. It’s all good, it’s just sad to see the start of the end. Just to reiterate the comparison and importance of film (slide or negative) and to quote “Today, 99% of amateurs use DSLRs. This is because DSLRs have been the fastest and most convenient way to get digital files of moderate quality, and the immediate LCD feedback helps newcomers to the hobby see what they are doing as they do it.” – Ken Rockwell

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