Stand a chance to win a DiCAPac underwater housing for use with your DSLR camera in our giveaway this month!

Update 2: Friday 15 March 2013 12:10PM

And the winner is… Rochelle van Niekerk!

Rochelle wrote:

“Aahh, I’ve had my “eye” on a DiCAPac for a few months now! Need it for a underwater story shoot idea I have.”

Congratulations Rochelle, we hope you’ll be able to execute the idea for the shoot with the help of the DiCAPac! Big thanks to everyone else that commented, entered and shared. Keep an eye out for our upcoming giveaways and competitions!

Update 1: Friday 15 March 2013 12PM

The competition is now closed! Thanks for all the comments and entries – the winner will be drawn and announced soon!

Hi everyone, this month we’re giving away an awesome DiCAPac underwater case for use with DSLR cameras, worth up to R1499!

DiCAPac cases offer affordable underwater protection for most types of cameras, including compacts, superzooms and DSLRs, and are perfect for all types of outdoor activities involving water, including snorkelling, or summer days spent in the pool.

To find the right DiCAPac for your camera, just ensure that your camera’s measurements fit within the DiCAPac’s specifications – here’s the range of cases we have available at Orms. If you’re unsure wether your camera will fit, please contact us and we’ll double-check for you.

This week, we’re giving away a DiCAPac for use with DSLR cameras – the winner can select either a medium sized WP-S5 or the larger WP-S10. These cases can accommodate lenses up to 95mm or 150mm in length respectively, and are great for shooting in the rain or in the swimming pool.

DiCAPac WP-S5 – More Info

DiCAPac WP-S10 – More Info

How To Enter
Make sure that you have liked our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter, and then leave a comment on this blog post, answering the following question:

“Where would you use your DiCAPac waterproof case?”


  1. The competition is open to all South African residents, 18 or older.
  2. The winner will be selected randomly, and will need to be a fan of Orms Direct on Facebook or follow @OrmsDirect on Twitter.
  3. Only one comment/entry per person will count. If you leave more than one comment, it will only count as one entry.
  4. No exchanges or returns available – the prize is awarded as is.
  5. The winner can specify either a DiCAPac WP-S5 or a DiCAPac WP-S10, not both.
  6. Competition closes Friday 15 March 2013 at 12:00 PM.

Photos taken by Hani Amir using DiCAPac cases:

Please note: We make use of to randomly generate a number corresponding to the eventual winner’s comment. We run the number generator once – the first number is the winner. All comments get checked for duplicates. The nature of this random system ensures that everyone has a fair chance of winning, which is very important to us. If you post under an anonymous nickname, we will attempt to maintain your anonymity.

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Photographs taken by Hani Amir and shared under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives licence.


Giveaway: DiCAPac Underwater Case For DSLRs

  1. I would use mi DiCAPac with my Canon 40D in the bath, in the sink, in the pool, in the ocean, in rivers and in the rain….because water always makes for the most interesting photos

  2. I would use the DiCAPac on my 6D in the water here in Jeffreys Bay where I live to photograph surfing as well as in the pool to do underwater models!

  3. I would use the DiCAPac on my EOS 500D, for a photo shoot in the rain, I’d need the cover because we all know when it rains in CT it pours! -Noor-u-Nisa Khan

  4. I’m no deep sea diver or one to ride those amazing waves over at JBay, soo i guess I’d settle for a DiCAPac, perfect for my Nikon D5100 an my fish tank… how many underwater gold fish pics have you guys seen? I bet not much….

  5. I actually used the DiCAPac WP-S5 on a music video shoot last week. It worked really well. We shot underwater in an Olympic sized-swimming pool. Please give me one so I can afford to shoot my pickup shots !

  6. I have just had a Canon 1DMk111 written off as having “severe external signs of corrosion and faulty electronics. It will exceed reasonable cost to repair ” and I would use the bag to prevent this from ever happening again!

  7. I have ideas for stunning underwater images of brides and models. Also an avid surf photographer, I would love to venture IN the water with them and not just from the shore. So this piece of kit would really help me step up my game!

  8. SHeeez what wouldnt I use it for… Shoot a lot of sport with my Canon 7D, in the rain, mud and dust. Get some water shots of Surfers, Use it while snorkelling. Use it at splashy Fen for some water shots of festival goers in the river. Perhaps throw is some underwater fashion photography. Some Artistic shots of waves or some different waterfall angles

  9. Start using it for snorkelling and a bit of basic free diving , use it at festivals (like the recent Holi Festival in Cape Town). Take some awesome photo’s in the rain – people rushing to work, kids playing, take photo’s outdoors of the lightning.

  10. I wud definitely use the Supa Awesum DiCAPac with my camera Snap pics under the sea and xplore the beauty under water.Snap all the Beautifull sea creatures and Splish splash pics in the rain any where 😀

  11. I shoot a lot in the outdoors and have been wanting to start doing surf/ocean photography for a long time… but not from the shore! I want to be thick in the surf and maybe the DiCaPac WP-S5 will help get me there, as underwater housings are waaaay outta my price range at the moment 😉

  12. I would use this amazing underwater case in the ocean & under waterfalls. It would be fun in the rain & in a river. I want to photograph our beautiful & incredible environment in South Africa, to showcase & highlight how we need to protect and love our planet & all its creatures.

  13. I would definitely make a awesome music video with my friends. Perhaps go to the see, maybe even explore some underwater caves in the mountains of the Ceres valley. I will definitely post the music video on your facebook page once I have all the shots. I even have a great band in mind,, but I probably need the underwater case first 🙁

    P.S. I don’t break my promises

  14. If I were to win this awesome prize, I would finally be able to do something I have always wanted to photograph. With this pack, I would then be able to swin into the middle of a waterhole and capture all the wild animals and water level!

  15. If I were lucky enough to win a DiCaPac with my 5D m3 I would use it for multiple things but specifically I would like to use it for an up and coming adventure to Dubai to shoot with a very well known South African photographer and shoot all the underwater structures that have been built there. It would be incredibly interesting to record the damage/erosion etc that is going on underwater. Everyone sees and celebrates these massive structures, not many consider what’s going on underneath water level.

  16. I would use it with my 7D to do magical videos under the sea.. stick in the water while racing in a catamarans of the coast of Cape Town..go surfing with the best surfers off the Kom to capture their radical stunts..Kite surfing with the best… what wouldnt we do 🙂

  17. Having a DiCAPac would be incredible. I would use it for surfing photography, interesting portraits, underwater landscapes and maybe even some creative rain shots. 🙂

  18. Busy sorting gear to shoot the Absa Cape Epic for Ride magazine. This would be an ideal addition to the bag – have always wanted to shoot the river crossings from below the surface

  19. It would join me on my 5 month adventure through South East Asia during the rainy season starting May 2013! Probably get splashed by motor bikes in Bangkok, Doused on the speedboat ferry between Siem Reab and Phnom-Penh in Cambodia and help catch a unique moment of kids trying to balance umbrellas on motorbike seats in the rain, in Laos!! Oh and it will totally go for dive in the Gulf of Thailand ^_^
    -Chris Cunnington

  20. Number of different situations, naturally to shoot sports like surfing and bodyboarding, but i would also make use of a something like this when covering muddy mountain bike events in the winter or photos in the rain of my daughter. The options are endless. Think about dusty sandunes in Namibia or Kloofing or snowboarding, basically its lightweight and not bulky like a SPL housing and can be transported in your bag very easily, thus making it a perfect accessory for any adventure photographer. The End.

  21. In the Zambezi River filming one of South Africans best bodyboarders, on the only free standing barreling wave in the world. Africa for the win!!!!

  22. Although most people think this case would be good for water, I think it would also be the perfect companion to my media pass for the JHB Holi One festival.. I would still definitely get it wet when the time is right!

    Holding thumbs*

  23. I would use the DiCAPac waterproof case at the next HOLI ONE FESTIVAL in Cape town my camera got trashed with all the fine dust but I will be back next year!!!!! so desperately need the DiCAPac waterproof case. and I would use it to capture my husband surfing as well…. 😉

  24. I would use my DiCAPac in the rain whilst singing……”I’m shoooooting in the rain, just shooooooting in the rain, what a glorious feeeeeling, I’m shoooooting outside….”

  25. The question is, where WOULDN’T I use my DiCAPac? I’ve been looking for a cheaper solution to the Underwater casing for the 7D that costs more than the camera itself for a while. What I’d use it for is that PERFECT lightning shot, those action shots of people running in the rain (almost buggered my camera up shooting the Red Bull Lion Heart last year), those perfect wave shots of surfers getting their last waves in during sunsets in Camps Bay and then of course, I want to get that crystal clear shot of a Great White Shark when I go cage diving! Needless to say, the DiCAPac will be used any chance I get!!

  26. Living in the cape I would definately use it when snorkling at fishhoek beach, obviously looking out for those sharks. Being able to extend my repour would be awesome.

  27. I would use my DiCAPac to add the water dynamic and finally complete the Bodyboarding film i am busy with. You cant have a movie without the water angle.

  28. I’ve had a couple of near accidents when shooting long exposure photo’s along the coast. This case will give me some peace of mind next time I nearly fall into a rock pool with my camera…

  29. Had to photograph a paintball tournament in the rain a few weeks ago – would’ve have loved to have had this guy then! I’m backpacking and sailing around Croatia in June/July – a waterproof case would mean I could be more adventurous with my camera!

  30. I would use it from the dusty roads of Namibia to commercial advertising shoot in the middle of the atlantic ocean. you can never be to careful with the protection of your best friend. and now you can take your best friend everywhere with you!

  31. We’re a water loving outdoors family & having a busy little toddler my camera def needs protection from all sorts of (water) sources – the hosepipe, blow up baby pool, swimming pool, rivers, sea & sand and messy little fingers 😉 But what better way to capture all these precious family moments!! So, please pick me!

  32. Oh wow! I would probably use it in my swimming pool first. It takes quite a lot to trust your dslr in a watery situation, I have a friend that uses his at the tidal pool at St James – that would be the second step – I think thereafter the possibilities are endless!

  33. I am fan and following also. Would love to use it for my first dive. I just enrolled for the PADI course and it would make a memory of a lifetime to have a first dive documented.

  34. I would be doing a lovely engagement sesh in the POURING rain here up in Pretoria! A Notebook inspired one amongst many 😉 [Have ALWAYS wanted to do these!]

  35. Taking it deepsea fishing to meet some underwater friends “Tunas” off Houtbay or hanging off the back of an Motorbike taking photos of the Cape Epic “Mud and dust also a problem”

  36. I’m a young 18 year old volunteer Medic & Firefighter for Disaster Management and a freelance photographer and my crew loves it when I bring my camera on calls but sadly almost lost my camera a few times at the factor of water at fires (hoses make it seem like its raining even if it burning) or working in the rain, not only I’m a water baby at heart and surf my brains out in cape towns waters!

  37. (Just to be sure I enter at the right place)

    I would use the DiCAPac
    To photograph Nemo and upload it onto my Mac.
    I’d take the time to read the manual
    So I could photograph a swimming Spaniel.
    The more I think, the more I want to go shark cage diving
    And photograph a clown fish miming.

    I can be all romantic and kiss my lady in the rain.
    Yes, that does sound a little lame.
    We can use it at the dam,
    Instead of my dad’s cheap handy cam.

    My photo skills might be disturbing,
    But I am more than capable to film a man surfing.
    And if I ever should forget
    To fit my camera with this plastic net,
    I will never be able to blame ORMS Connect.

    Thank you for hosting this great competition.
    You just made this give away my mission.

  38. At the beech, shooting a wedding in a howling South Easter, showered in salt spray, trying to keep a bride from becoming airborne, calming down a hysterical bride’s mother, the last thing I wat to worry about is my camera getting full of sand and spray. The DiCapc is ideal for me!

  39. What a wonderful gift! It would be PERFECT to photographing research being done on the Great White Shark, which I am helping with. White sharks only to be found in nature and not captivity. Hence the even bigger need for your gift.

  40. Water water water, Above water, in water, underneath water!
    Before I saw this post I didn’t know there where alternative waterproof cases like this, would love to take my slr to the water and get some shots of friends surfing and especially for my trip to bali at the end of the year 🙂

  41. just to think how many surfing pictures i could take with that 😀 and how many scuba diving pictures i could take it would be a dream and orms you guys are our nr one group in our photography class 😀 so you guys are kinda well are the best

  42. I would use my DiCAPac for underwater fashion photography, underwater advertising photography amd underwater portraiture and family shoots. Would be absolutely thrilled if i won 🙂

  43. I would use my DiCAPac at the rock pools at the end of the Kommetjie slipway where we take our most amazing pitbull troy swimming. He dives for the kelp he see’s floating in the water and I’ve been DYING to try and photography him doing so. Its really quite amusing. I would use in in the rain to capture some amazing long exposure shots, I would use it to photograph the surfers on long beach, I would use it when we go fishing and are reeling in the fish to show life from the fish’s perspective. I’m a water baby and I really think I would use this every day, RAIN or SHINE!

  44. I would use the DiCAPac to shoot some beautiful underwater short films with my 5d… Imagining liquid light falling on flowing hair and fabric and bubbles rising to the surface like a dream…

  45. I would use the DiCAPac to photograph and film all the beautiful, tropical underwater places I am planning to visit this year while traveling all over the world.

  46. Definitely of my 5 year old boy ! He’s a real fish in the water and I would love to capture his cute little face and him doing his tricks in the water. I’m also doing a seascape course in May and I need something like this to protect my camera! And of course …. rainy season pics with umbrellas and wellies and puddles … need I say more ….Please pick me !!!

  47. being a water baby at heart, my DiCAPac would be put to use almost everyday. Every and any watersport from the surf to a lake, I really have been dying to use my camera in the water and finally this may allow it! 🙂

  48. Underwater and in the blue waves on the West Coast at Britannia Bay where we swim with dolphins, dive for crayfish, surf, belly board and marvel at the rich sea life of St Helena Bay, unique in the world of marine biology. I am searching for winning shots, which I turn into fine art!

  49. Well this is a tricky question…….. I would use the DiCAP underwater Case for my 5D Mark III… Through out school and varsity I have always been keen on underwater photography, especially shooting my brother surfing!!!

    This would be the ultimate prize and I would finally be able to get out in the water and get some crazy cool footage.. Getting slow-mo footage of the back of a wave will change my life. Jack Mccoy style!!

  50. It would open up a whole new world to me. I always look for some new way to shoot a wedding. This will open up a lot of possibilities, like shooting in the rain, at a waterfall or (as this weekend’s bride wants to do) in the sea. I can shoot without worrying about my precious equipment.

  51. mmm interesting question, maybe I’d have my own version of a sports illustrated swimsuit edition only ………. In the Swimming pool or on the beach!!! Sun, Sand, waves and babes!!! LOL!!!

  52. I would use the DiCAPac waterproof case to shoot an aray of events and happenings in my life from hanging in the pool with friends to some funny angles jumping into pools from cliffs and stuff like the holy one festival! pick me! pick me!

  53. I’ve often been naughty and used my camera in the rain (with as much protection as I can offer it), would love to be able to safely take pics rain or shine. And who knows – might get creative and take it to the sea.

  54. I’d finally be able to take amazing shots of surfers, as well as rainy shots when I move to the UK. The DiCAPac would be a huge improvement from the plastic bag I currently use in wet conditions, haha!

  55. I am convinced I was a mermaid in my previous life, I have a profound love for the sea, and lately I havent felt more close to my spiritual-self as I have these past weeks, swimming and snorkling in the sea with a friend. This time I’ll take my DiCAPac with me into the sea.The DiCAPac will help me find my roots, as I am 100 % positive underwater photography is something I would love and appreciate unlike anything I’ve ever done.

  56. I’d use it in a little town on the west coast called Veldrift. To capture that beautiful sea life at the bottom of the shallow rock pools. It’s definitely a secret venue but definitely a spectacular one! So spectacular it needs to be captured!

  57. I will take my DiCAPac for some AMAZING Kite surfing shots, my sisters kids swimming, when i take my dogs to the beach, out SUPping in Blouberg, …..this list goes on and on 😀

  58. I would love to win this for my hubby he does spear fishing and deep sea diving as a hobby, would love to be able to see the wonders he experiences down under! He’s already got a DSLR just need the casing:-)

  59. I would use my DICAPac every opportunity I got.

    I have had an idea for a shoot based in rain with flash, considering my D70 has a max flash-sync speed of 1/500 allowing me to freeze rain drops better than most modern cameras and I want to explore this functionality of my camera, while still offering it the protection it deserves.

    I am a photographer that appreciates high quality products, and the DICAPac meets this appreciation.

    Underwater photography is something I am deeply interested in as I love the refraction water causes. I also love the ethereal feeling underwater photography inherently gives an image.

    Sadly, cash is short on my end otherwise I would buy one, and thus I am doing something I do not normally do which is enter competitions

  60. I would use my DICAPac on the Orange River. Rafting on the river involves water! I would love to feel comfortable taking my camera without worrying about it getting wet. There are awesome photo opportunities but I won’t come home with any if I don’t have the right waterproofing. Please don’t leave me in the position where I have to take my mik en druk!

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