In this video photographer and filmmaker, Sean Tucker shares some thoughts on his own resistance and how he pushes through to create regardless.

As creatives, we’ve all got stuck on telling ourselves things like; “You can’t start this project because you don’t have the right equipment”, or “I first need to do this or that, THEN I’ll be ready”. Not starting a project or not pursuing a dream because of some excuse you’ve come up with, where in reality it’s just a way to avoid taking the first step.

Or you get so hung up with other people’s work and convincing yourself that you aren’t as good as they are, that you end up not doing any of your own work at all. In the end, ask yourself, are any of these excuses even real, am I not just procrastinating? Are you allowing fear to hold you back?

As I said, we’ve all been there. Building up the courage to get out there and get creative can be hard and daunting. Even more so when it comes to sharing and putting what you’ve created out there. And trust me, you will come up with a million excuses why you “can’t” because fear will drive you if you let it.

Enter London-based commercial photographer & filmmaker, Sean Tucker who shares; “After reading ‘The War of Art’ by Steven Pressfield, I’m sharing some thoughts on my own resistance and how I push through to create regardless”. As always this video is jam-packed with great advice. If you enjoyed it you can find more from Sean by subscribing to his YouTube channel or follow him on any of these social channels: FacebookTwitter, Instagram or the Website.

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How to Create When You're Just Not 'Feeling It', by Sean Tucker

  1. Not often in one’s life do you find such an honest assessment as yours Sean. Thanks for this very informative and inspiring talk. I can identify with a lot of these fears. One thing I have learned in life is not to take too much notice of the critique of people in general. What I do listen to is critique from a professional and regard this more as encouragement than real critique. Don’t forget that art is a very personal thing, to produce as well as to enjoy. Thanks again for your talk, thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. Hi Shaun. Thank you so much for this open and honest reflection on your battles. I am really touched by this. It is excellent and also very practical and applicable to life as a creator.

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