The goal behind Litterati is fairly simple: Create a litter free world through the use of photography. Here’s how we’ll get there.

Photography can be used in many powerful ways, but Litterati is somewhat unique. By making use of Instagram, Litterati aims to rid the world of litter, one piece of garbage at a time.

Created by Jeff Kirchner, the idea behind Litterati is simple:

  1. Find a piece of litter.
  2. Photograph it with Instagram.
  3. Hashtag your photo with #Litterati.
  4. Throw away, recycle, or compost the litter.

It’s actually pretty clever. Litterati rewards the individual for clearing up the litter by turning it into a form of a game or photography project – you’re challenged with the task of taking and sharing a creative shot of an ordinary found object. In addition, through the built-in tools of Instagram, namely hashtags and geotagging, Litterati can build a litter database organised by item, brand, and location.

But while the idea behind the movement might be simple, it’s incredibly ambitious, and ultimately the end goal might not be attainable – but as long as people participate, it will at least improve their local surroundings and community. So try it out – we certainly will!

For more information about the movement, and to view the Digital Landfill, visit the Litterati website. You can also follow Litterati on Instagram.

Via Upworthy. Thanks for sharing, Dorette!

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