Watch as Sean Tucker takes us through the contents of his portrait lighting bag and how to lighten the load without compromising on quality.

In this video we get a glimpse into Sean Tucker’s portrait lighting kit; what’s in his bag and why. Sean’s been building this kit up for the past year, giving both power and portability to his strobe-based portraits. For those of you who use lighting, you’ll know that it can be quite hectic, physically strenuous work to carry around and set up, especially if you’re travelling. Sean Tucker has made a point to streamline and lighten his lighting load over the years for this reason, but without compromising on what is needed. Sean’s portrait lighting kit still includes 3 lights, batteries, a battery charger, a trigger as well as accessories such as gel filters, barn doors, grids etc.

What’s in his kit?

  • Calumet WT1106 Water Tight Hard Case
  • Godox AD200
  • Godox TT685s
  • Godox H200R and AK R1 accessory kit
  • Godox AD-B2
  • Rogue Colour Correction Gel Kit

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