In this video, fashion photographer Julia Trotti shares a few tips on how you can make money from your photography and how to start your own photography business.

Find yourself stuck for ideas on how you can make money from your photography? Well, you’re in luck, today we are back with Sydney-based Fashion Photographer, Julia Trotti as she shares a few ideas of the type of shoots you can do to get you earning some money from your photography, and how to start your photographic business.

Julia shares a few great tips regarding your online presence and business website. This might seem like a no-brainer, but have a listen anyway as her points on what to share, how to share it and when to keep the different types of photography you do separate, are all very valid. You might want to specialise in wedding photography and food, but is it a good idea to have your portfolio for both on the same website? Maybe, maybe not. Let’s face it, the bride looking for a photographer for her wedding doesn’t care if you take beautiful photos of apple tarts, she cares if you can capture her wedding day as it unfolds. The same goes for the editor from a food magazine/website, they care about your food images, not your bridal portraits. Get where we are going with this?

Julia also goes on to explaining some of the differnet avenues you might want to persue within a specific genre. You might specialise in portraits for example, but you don’t have to sit around waiting for someone to book a session, there’s a host of different avenues to consider that can add to your income and experience. Have a listen…

If you’d like to see more from Julia she’s got a YouTube channel packed with great info and videos worth watching. Head on over and check it out if you get a minute.  You can also see more from Julia on her website or stay in touch via Facebook or Instagram.

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How to Make Money from Photography, by Julia Trotti

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