Watch as Pye from the SLR Lounge explains, in this very quick video what megapixels are and discusses if they really matter.

Today we are joining Pye from the SLR Lounge to find out about Megapixels. There’s always a lot of fuss surrounding megapixels, and how many megapixels a camera has. Even those who are just starting in photography seem to zero in on the megapixel count of a camera. The question is, do you know what they are and do they really matter?

So what on earth is a Megapixel? Simply put, “Digital cameras capture images as pixel elements, known as pixels. Simply put, a megapixel is equal to one million pixels. Digital images are made up of thousands of these tiny, tile-like picture elements. The more pixels, the higher the image resolution. Resolution relates primarily to print size and the amount of detail an image has when viewed on a computer monitor at 100%.” []

Let’s join Pye in this super quick video – 90 seconds flat – as he explains. As always you can watch more from the SLR Lounge on their YouTube channel, or follow them on any of their social channels: TwitterFacebookGoogle+ or the Website.

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