Adventure, Landscape and Lifestyle Photographer, Lars Schneider shares his passion for adventure, personal work, travel and all things wild.


Meet Lars Schneider, an adventure, landscape and lifestyle photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. Lars recently shared this video on his Vimeo channel where he talks about his passion for adventure, personal work and all things wild.

“This is a short and personal piece about my life as a photographer, when I am not on assignment, shooting for clients in the outdoor, travel or lifestyle industry. In February 2016 a camera followed me on a trip to the beautiful Faroe Islands shooting landscapes in medium format, enjoying wild nature and a harsh environment that creates a scenery and mood that I love for photos and that makes me feel very alive. But see for yourself. I hope you’ll enjoy it …”

Keep up with more from Lars on Vimeo here.  You can also stay in touch with Lars via his Facebook page, InstagramTwitter or on his website.

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