In this interview by The Artist Repost, Braedon talks to photographer Nate Kaiser about shooting film and approach to documenting his life and family.

In this episode of The Artist Report, Braedon caught up with Nate Kaiser to chat about shooting personal projects, shooting film and Instagram. If you are not familiar with Nate, you’ve got to check out his personal blog and Instagram feed. Besides his beautiful wedding work at The Image Is Found, Nate set out on a mission a few years ago to document his family and life. He says, “I made the decision to treat my film cameras in the same way other people treat their iPhone”. The result, nothing short of inspirational. The video is a little dark, unfortunately, but the sound is solid and the content great, let’s have a look…

Nate Kaiser on Personal Project, Shooting Film and Instagram

Above image by Nate Kaiser.

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Nate Kaiser on Personal Projects, Shooting Film and Instagram

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