Frontlight vs Backlight Photography: Cory Rich gives a few handy tips on natural light photography and explains what you should look out for.

Today we join Corey Rich as he explains and shares a few examples on natural light photography, specifically looking at frontlight vs backlight. Often beginners struggle with this and shooting with your subject facing the sun is a common mistake.

Midday light doesn’t mean you need to put your camera down, or get an arsenal of strobes and reflectors out to try and save the day.  Cory points out a few key tips that will show you what to look out for, how to use the sun to your advantage and get that soft even light on your subject. In fact, simply learning to shooting into the sun will be a valuable tool that will enhance the quality of your work.

Corey Rich is a renowned outdoor and adventure sports photographer, you can read and see more of Corey’s work by visiting his website. Video shared under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial licence. Via Adorama.


Natural Light Photography Tips: Frontlight vs Backlight

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