The Human Project is an intriguing series of images by award-winning French advertising photographer Jean Yves Lemoigne.

French advertising photographer Jean Yves Lemoigne‘s The Human Project is a series of intriguing photographs featuring armies of people in zentai suits, aka full-body tights.

Jean explains the series on Le Journal de a Photographie: “Modern man has become a cog in a very complex society. We live in a society that praises individuality on the one hand and conformity on the other. A society with 6 billion people is a society standardized to meet the needs of each individual: work, leisure, transportation… In this standardized society, man himself becomes standardized, anonymous. Man is an elementary particle in the global mass.

“The Zentai suit fits perfectly with this vision of man as an elementary particle. It makes any individual as uniform as possible. We stop distinguishing between faces, races and genders. I seek the greatest possible contrast between these smooth characters and the rich variety of textures, vegetable and mineral, that nature has to offer.”

View the entire series here, and visit Jean’s website for some of his award-winning commercial photography.

Photographs shared under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives licence.