This month one lucky winner will bag him or herself a Lomography Fisheye camera and a pack of Lomography 35mm film!

Update Friday 21 October 2011 1:52PM
And the winner is… Zahrah Price!

Zahrah wrote:
I would love to use this camera taking photos of my gorgeous little nephews running around and playing in a park.

Congratulations Zahrah! Hope you enjoy the Lomography Fisheye camera! Thank you for all the entries we received, and keep an eye out for next month’s giveaway!


Update Friday 21 October 2011 12:03PM
The competition is now closed! Thanks for all the comments and entries – we’ll announce the winner shortly.


Hi all! This month one lucky winner will bag him or herself a Lomography Fisheye camera* and a pack of Lomography 35mm film! The Fisheye is the ultimate camera for getting into your subject’s face and taking great up-close portraits, or capturing scenes on the street while shooting from your hip. As always, entering the competition is really simple, just follow the guide below and leave a comment!

How to enter:
If you aren’t already a fan of the Orms Direct Facebook page, please like it and then return to Orms Connect and leave a comment on this blog post, answering the question: “What would you shoot on the first roll of film put through your Lomography Fisheye camera?”

1) The competition is open to all South African residents, 18 or older.
2) The winner will be selected randomly, and will need to be a fan of Orms Direct on Facebook.
3) Only one comment/entry per person will count. If you leave more than one comment, it will only count as one entry.
4) Competition closes Friday 21 October 2011 at 12:00 PM.

*Body colour not finalised yet.

Please note: We make use of to randomly generate a number corresponding to the eventual winner’s comment. We run the number generator once – the first number is the winner. All comments get checked for duplicates first and listed with a post number, starting from oldest comment first. The nature of this random system ensures that everyone has a fair chance of winning, which is very important to us. If you post under an anonymous nickname, we will attempt to maintain your anonymity.


Orms Connect Giveaway: Lomography Fisheye

  1. I’d use the first film on Jumping Spiders.  Very intelligent, they will turn around to look at you.  Never turn your back on a possible invasion of space lol.

  2. I am documenting my family history, so I would take portraits of my older family members. I think their images would be so striking through the lomo fishey

  3. My Cape Town holiday in December will look amazing in Fisheye! I want to stand at the edge of a wine farm in Franschhoek and shoot down the lines of vineyards, even holding a glass of wine in front of the lens 🙂

  4. i would love to shoot every curve on a person’s body… really close up, so you can’t tell what it is… and you end up thinking it is a lunar landscape… instead of flesh and skin.

  5. … the children in Amazizi in the northern Drakensberg… their little expressive faces are just awesome to capture, and I think it would be really fabulous to capture it in fisheye !

  6. I would shoot the most amazing shots which I was never able to because I’ve never been able to buy such a good camera before and send my photos to ORMS Direct for publishing

  7. I would definitely get some friends over to do a crazy portrait session, have some laughs, and capture some great memories. Then I would head to the beach and do some fun surf lifestyle shots.

  8. I am a Cape Townian who has been living in Jozi for the past year. In December I’m going home to the Mother City to see my friends and family before heading off to Durban for a week of family and sunshine. I would use my first roll of film to document my time in Jozi, Cape Town and Durban, South Africas culturally rich cities.

  9. I would take it to a music festival (Synergy is coming up) and take photos of the bands and backstage. You can create awesome effect with that kind of distortion. Plus it will sit nicely next to my Olympus Trip 35 on my cupboard

  10. I would organise a group of friends to go wine tasting at one of my favorite wineries in the Boland area. There are some beautiful wine farms and put together with happy, tipsy friends and with a Lomography Fisheye camera, I recon it could be a lot of fun…

  11. I live next to the most beautiful beach in the Helderberg. I would photograph what comes naturally  the ocean, the waves, the beach and the skyscrapers.

  12. Street photography, people rushing by, street markets, taxi ranks – it’s always so busy and so much colour, people selling their goods, the expressions on people’s faces, the smell of smoke. You’d need to get into my head to picture the scene that I have.

  13. I am taking my 7 month old daughter and two miniture sausage dogs to the beach for the first time in December and would capture those first amazing moments as they hit the beach and feel the freedom of space.

  14. I would shoot the eyes of the world!!! What do people & animals see,experience and obtain information about. Would it not be an amazing experience to capture that on film……

  15. I would strap the camera to my head facing backwards, walk around the whole day in various places around the city and take random pictures at random intervals of everyday life that has just passed me by!

  16. ‘Living in the Garden Route with it’s natural beauty and vista’s and being a top SA tourist/holiday destination, I would do a road trip covering the Mosselbay, George, Wilderness, Sedgefield, Knysna, Plettenberg Bay, Natures Valley and even crossing the majestic Outeniqua mountains to Oudtshoorn Valley and attempt to capture the essence of this stunningly beautifull area in such a way as to invite/entice prospective tourist/holiday makers to visit and experience this magnificient part of SA!’

  17. Righto. I would take my new prize and head off to the waterfront. I would pick a nice spot, order a crisp glass of white wine, look around and wait for inspiration to hit me!!!!! When it does -CLICK CLICK CLICK……

  18. I would climb to the top of Helderberg mountain with my teenage boys and photograph them in daring poses (not dangerous) on top of the mountain with the panoramic view of Cape Peninsula and surrounds. Then I would photograph our border collie having a ball on field over the road from our house and some abstract articles, if there is still film left ;).

  19. hop on a plane in May/June for a holiday in the Swiss alps and take pics of their stunning flowers/bug life in close up with the snow-capped mountains/valleys in the background & also ducks, swans or whatever I find interesting on the many walkabouts. PLUS of course just experiment with all sorts of subjects/backgrounds —– and have loads of fun 😀

  20. I would love to try it out at one of our local Churches – it has the most amazing light falling in through the windows in the afternoon – I can just “picture” how awesome the isle must look if I take a photo on my tummy….

  21. If I won the Fisheye camera I would photograph the Kings of Leon at their concert next week. It’ll be my first concert experience and if I won, it would allow me to document the show with my friends and family in the coolest of ways! 🙂

  22. I will go on a hike up Table Mountain via Platteklip gorge and my exciting new camera will record the experience! I will have the photos developed at Orms as soon as I reach ground level again! Can’t wait!

  23. Once I load up my new fisheye with its first roll. I’d go to the closest Varsity and set up at the entrance and the common area. Taking the shots of the passerby’s letting them express whatever they want and make sure that do something weird and wonderful. Would be a tunnel vision of student insanity on the daily grind 🙂

  24. If I won, and had all my film ready, I’d photograph everything and the fisheye (which is the worlds first compact fisheye camera) would always be with me with an extra roll of film! From the beach, to the kite festival this weekend, to the taxi I travel in to get to work, the agency I work in, my evening walk, the Constantia Nek hike which I love so much! My friends, my family, my pets, My life!
    Anything, everything. I’d capture everything!

    I love Lomography!!!!!

  25. i would go lie on a pavement somewhere in cape town..most probably long street or on a crossing, zebra, and take photos of people passing by..and maybe it could turn into a series..i hope to find out..pick me pick me pick me!!

  26. I’d take some architecture shots with some extreme angles (from below). I’m thinking I might even choose a time of day where there are some interesting shadows, the convert to black and white and play with the tones… 

  27. For me I would use this camera to capture landscapes and architecture, and at times the amulgamaion of both. The lense will help to add movement and life to the other, often static, world we live in.  

  28. I’ll take some pic’s of my “old” camera gear and all my loved ones…’cause I’m gonna be VERY busy shooting with my new Fisheye camera! I won’t see them for quite a while! 🙂

  29. wow. wow wow wow. I would use it to capture the joy on people’s faces at a trance party AS the light creeps across the dancefloor, imagine how awesome a half sunshine half shade picture would be, with all the beautiful people (trust me, they are totally hot). Then I’d turn around and capture the whole stage set up and the DJ dead centre.
    Pretty cool no?

  30. My dear aunt lives in Florence and I’m going to visit her in their summer time next year – the streets, the food, the people, the colour – that would be made complete with a gorgeous lomo camera like this one!! Other than that I’d LOVE to take it to Maputo in December and go mad at the fish market (with dimly lit plastic tables scattered around a busy sandy courtyard, surrounded by grungy taverns and kitchens; such amazing photo opportunities)!

  31. Loving the quirky Fisheye distortion, I would take pictures of normal day to day objects: The Fan, the Telephone, Toiletpaper, my sister’s teeth, the parrot and of course the harbor right outside!

  32. I must take photos of a bachelorette in November for my daughter and the girls are dressing up as Marilyn Monroe etc…  I think it can be a lot of fun taking photos with this camera!!!

  33. Being a tourist in my own city, I’d definitely shoot a lot of Cape Town’s quirkier spots as well as awesome rock climbing spots and, not to be forgotten, my pooches 🙂

  34. I would love to try it out on a sunset and see how it works.  Alternatively try some street photography and capture an “unspoken” moment … someone in thought … someone expressing words with their hands … 

  35. I would shoot totally rad, amazing, crazy, awesomesauce, shweet, kiff, amazeballs, cowabunga dude, wonderfulness, stupendous, really really really good looking things.

    All of ’em. All the time.


  36. It’s my birthday soon, I have loads of old friends coming from all over and would def shoot the first roll of film on this awesome reunion. A lot of close up portraits, from the hip of course, so that no one will know when it’s coming, haha! It will be great fun!

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