Orms Photo Art Feature: View these beautiful wildlife photographs taken by Jeremy Goss, a conservation scientist.

Growing up with his dad being a wildlife filmmaker, Jeremy Goss experimented a bit with a camera but it was only later on in life when he was living in the wild and remote Okavango Delta that he fully delved into wildlife photography.

“Photography is a passion, and one that I take seriously. But wild African spaces, and doing something to ensure that our generation leaves some of them behind, is something that I intend to spend my life working on,” says Jeremy who is a conservation scientist by trade and works for an east African NGO called Big Life Foundation.

To capture the beautiful wildlife, and animals’ sometimes unexpected behaviour, that Jeremy is so accustomed and fortunate to be surrounded by, he uses a Canon 7D with a variety of lenses, the 100-400mm being his favourite.


Jeremy goes on to say: “Photography for me is as much about the place that I am in as what I am actually pointing the lens at. To see a place, looking for photographs, means that I see it more carefully. I pay more attention. Some say that you miss things looking through a lens but I find that it focuses me and I notice more. It’s a way of clearing the mental clutter, almost a meditative process.”

Besides conservation and photography, Jeremy also enjoys travelling. One memorable trip to Taj Mahal in India left him in awe as he arrived before sunrise and only left an hour after sunset, spending an entire day at the monument. “It was a spectacular experience, watching the light and people change hour by hour.”

To view more of Jeremy’s work you can visit his personal website, Facebook page as well as his work on Orms Photo Art.

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