Inspiration: Learn how blind photographer Brenden Borellini sees the world with the aid of his friends and technology.

Brenden Borellini is an Australian photographer that was born with congenital deafness and partial blindness, which developed into complete blindness, but that hasn’t stopped him from discovering photography as a creative outlet.

With a natural inquisitiveness of the world around him, photography is a great way for Brenden to “see” the world. He initially started out by playing with a camera – he could easily feel the controls and understand the technical abilities of his Nikon DSLR – but he needed some help with composition, which is where his friend Steve Mayer-Miller comes in. Steve assists Brenden with feedback, including describing the scene and the exposure.

Watch the inspiring story:

With the help of a special printer, Brenden can feel his photographs, learning about composition as he progresses. Here’s a few stills from the short documentary, showing the process.

brendon-borellini-2 brendon-borellini-3 brendon-borellini-4

It’s a very motivational tale, and we hope Brenden’s story inspires even more people to explore creative photography. If you enjoyed the feature, also view our posts on blind photographers Tommy Edison and Pete Eckert.

Via PetaPixel.