Welcome to the first selection of our favourite South African video creators on Orms Connect! In October we debuted Orms Presents, a weekly IGTV video series where we feature the outstanding videographic creations from members of our creative community.

The Orms Instagram has an established presence as a hub for resharing the photographic work of the creators we loved, but we recognised that it was high time for us to expand more into the video space. Since the beginning of October, we have used our platform to screen a handpicked film from one of our favourite South African video creators. A new feature is posted every Friday to our IGTV, and it has been so exciting to see how our broader community has been inspired and creatively elevated by these video features.

If you are one of the South African video creators and would like one of your videographic creations to be featured as part of Orms Presents, use the hashtag #ifilmwithorms when you post your next video to your Instagram feed or your IGTV channel.


We started October with a bang thanks to this visually dense creation from Viwe Madlanga, a graduate of the Orms CTSP Cinematography For Content Creation programme who can be contacted at madlanga.v@gmail.com.

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We are thrilled to debut “Orms Presents”, our new weekly series where we will feature the outstanding videographic creations from members of our creative community. Our Instagram has an established presence as a hub for resharing the photographic work of creators we love, but it is high time that we expand more into the video space. Every Friday, we will use our platform to screen a film by a handpicked creator. We are excited to see how our broader community will be inspired and creatively elevated by these video features. If you would like one of your videographic creations to be featured, use the hashtag #ifilmwithorms when you post your next video to Instagram. Our first #OrmsPresents feature comes from Viwe Madlanga. Read his artist statement below. “I struggled for two weeks to write this statement, somehow the words could not align. I wanted it to be profound and poetic yet my soul refused to cooperate. I later realised my soul was yearning to break this wall and leave the poetry to the visuals. The purpose of this statement is to explain my state of mind in cultivating my baby, so in the most blunt fashion, I assert that my soul is in an agonisingly violent state, this reflects in my being and work, however within this terror lies a paradox as I have found a place to call home and I found people to call family, indeed there is beauty in confronting interior dragons. This has granted me the courage to challenge exterior dragons. This showreel is a letter to Taiwan.Khayelitsha. It exists to interrogate self and interrogate society. Taiwan I hate the purpose of your creation. Taiwan I love you for awakening the dormant souljah in me.” An A. R. Madlanga Artwork (madlanga.v@gmail.com) amaSodjah: Sandiso Mkhunqwana, Khanyiso Mkhunqwana, Owethu Mkhunqwana, Azole Sdinile, Obed Mapete, Ayabonga Mathe, Mphilisi “Isaac” Kitisi, Thanda Goqhe, Sibuele Mafenuka, Siphelele Nqayi, Lusanda Gagam, Abongile Nyalela, Lihle Dyantyi, Kuhle Mjigwana and Xolisa Banjani

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Our second episode comes from visual creator and “Orms x DJI Larger Than Life” entrant, Roark Robinson, whose adventures you can follow on roarkrobinson.

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Our second episode of “Orms Presents” is bringing you those adventurous Friday vibes to get you amped to leap into this weekend with gusto. Creator Roark Robinson entered this expansive, soaring piece into our Orms x DJI “Larger Than Life” competition earlier this year and we are truly delighted to feature his work today on #OrmsPresents. If you would like us to screen one of your videos on our IGTV, use the hashtag #ifilmwithorms when you upload your next piece to Instagram. We cannot wait to see how you are using video to express your creativity! Of his epic video creation, Roark says the following: “South Bound celebrates the incredible diversity and breathtaking scenery of South Africa. From playing in the waves to running with the dragons, this video explores parts of the country that are closest to my heart. The awe I felt when first visiting some of these incredible places is what first inspired me to pick up a camera and that feeling only continues to grow with each new trip. These are just a few of my favourite moments so far and as incredible as they’ve been, I rest assured there are still plenty of jaw dropping landscapes and friendly faces to meet going forward! Many thanks for checking in and happy adventuring!” Created by @roarkrobinson Trail runner: @timchambers96 Sound Effects: @angusteenton

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HUSKY (S01 E03)

We kept the energy up mid-month thanks to fluffy good vibes of this super-cute video from Instagrammer Matthew Gie, who’s always capturing something over at matthew_gie.

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Happy Friday! Our third episode of #OrmsPresents comes from Matthew Gie. He’s giving us all the warm and fuzzy feels with this beautiful (and super cute) short film starring a group of huskies mushing together on the beach. To have one of your video creations screened on our IGTV, use the hashtag #ifilmwithorms the next time you upload to your Instagram. Matthew takes us behind the scenes of this magical shoot with his artist statement below. “I heard about these events where huskies are allowed to do what they love, which is running in packs (it’s called mushing). It was a Saturday afternoon when we decided to go down Muizenberg beach that evening. All I took was my Sony a6300, a kit lens with no filters and a tripod, I wanted to try out the camera’s colour profiles in golden hour. Everything was probably shot at F/22 or something (the base ISO in SLOG3 is 800) but it didn’t matter too much to me, I was just after the colours. The lighting was perfect that day and I was really treated to some stunning scenes of Huskies in the sun. I pretty much just shot whatever was in front of me and it turned out great which is not usually the way things happen in this industry haha. I came home, threw the footage into premiere and found some free LUT on the internet like anyone else. The moment I put that lut in, I knew it was the one. I cut footage that evening and had a finished project within about 90mins. Haven’t really had such a success story of something turning out so beautiful with zero planning and just running and gunning it as I did then. Reviewing the footage now, a year after it was shot and I still love and that’s really rare for creatives like me, who find it really easy to critique our own work. I guess sometimes we just need to keep things simple… and have great lighting.” Produced by @matthew_gie

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We felt like everyone needed some serenity to make it through the last few weeks of October, and this magnificent piece from Gavin Goodman sure delivered the goods. You can find Gavin shooting mostly stunning fine art photography on gavin_goodman.

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It looks like beach weather today and if there is any video that could get us amped to take a dip in the ocean, it is this mesmerising creation from Gavin Goodman. To us, this video is the perfect example of Blue Mind theory, a concept that suggests that being near, in, on, or under water can make humans happier, healthier, more connected, and better at what they do. If you would like to be featured on our IGTV, use the hashtag #ifilmwithorms next time you upload a video to your Instagram. Gavin shares the story of why he created “Breathe” below. “I was on a surf trip in the Maldives living on a boat for 10 days. I wanted to create something whilst on this trip and asked my new girlfriend at the time [who is now my fiance] to give me a few random words I can use as a brief or inspiration. She sent me the words ‘Roses/Breathe/life force/step into the divine’. I shot and edited this little piece whilst on the boat a few days later.” Created by @gavin_goodman

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Our final feature for the month comes from Matthew Eaton and Fabian Pluddemann, current students at Orms CTSP who collaborated on this visual experience, Not on bread Alone, and can be found making art on mattheweaton_ and fabians_focus.

In addition to celebrating South African video creators, we also feature 9 of our favourite Instagrammers every month on Orms Connect. You can read that blog post here.

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