Another month, another batch of remarkable videographers and filmmakers to celebrate! Every Friday we release a new episode of our Orms Presents video series on IGTV. This weekly episodic show allows us to feature one outstanding videographic creation by a member of our community. November was our second month of running the show and we could not be happier with how it went.

If you are one of the South African video creators and would like one of your videographic creations to be featured as part of Orms Presents, use the hashtag #ifilmwithorms when you post your next video to your Instagram feed or your IGTV channel.


Our first feature for November came from the incredibly creative Josiah Suskin. Josiah is a cinematographer who focuses on capturing moments in a playful, upbeat way. His creations frequently feature outdoor explorations or photo walks with his father. You can find more of his work on his Instagram.

AFRICA (S01 E07)

Episode 7 of Orms Present came courtesy of content producer Kyle Lord. Through his cinematic documentary-style video, Kyle whisked us back to his past adventures in Tanzania, showcasing the gorgeous location and all the beautiful wildlife he encountered on the journey. If you would like to see more of Kyle’s images, pop over to his Instagram.


Cape Town-based photographer and filmmaker Dawid van Niekerk delivered the goods with our second-to-last episode for the month. His majestic piece, Out There, was originally created for our Orms x DJI Larger Than Life competition, and Dawid graciously allowed us to feature his outstanding work as part of Orms Presents.


Our final feature for the month of November was produced by aspiring filmmaker Jarret Erasmus. Jarret hails from Durban, and in this charming, feel-good videographic creation, he documents a lake-side holiday with friends. You can catch more of Jarret’s delightful work on his Instagram.

Not only do we celebrate our South African video creators every month — we also feature 9 of our favourite Instagrammers on Orms Connect at the end of each period. You can read that blog post here.

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