The latest update from travel photographer Albert Retief: Incredible portraits and street photos taken in the Middle-East.

South African travel photographer Albert Retief has been on a continuous journey from Japan, across Asia and Europe, through the Middle-East and now he’s back on African soil. Along the way, we’ve shared some of his photos from Vietnam and Iran.

In his latest update, he says: “I have continued my mission overland starting in Tokyo, Japan and spent some more time in the Middle-East. I’m in Sudan at the moment.

“Since the Iran update, I have traveled to Turkey where I joined the Gezi Park anniversary protests in Istanbul. I then hopped a ferry to Northern Cyprus from the South of Turkey and over to Israel where I spent some time in both Israel and Palestine. I also saw the first bombs fall on Gaza. From Israel I crossed the Sinai Peninsula to Cairo, took trains South to Luxor and Aswan and then took a crowded ferry across to Wadi Halfa in Sudan.

“I will make my way South through Africa and continue to document the movement of people as I make my way towards Cape Town.

“I added quite a few photos that look at the relationships we have with each other, our neighbours and the state as well as the movement of people. This is an interesting part of the world.”

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Istanbul Gezi Anniversary Protest Lighting a Smoke TURKEY Riot Police in Istanbul Turkey June 2014 BlkWht TURKEY Taksim Square Protest Crowd Blocking road Fire TURKEY Taksim Square Protest Flag Fist TURKEY Taksim Square Protest Police take cover Middle Finger TURKEY


Jerusalem Dome Of Rock Protest Police Presence ISRAEL Jerusalem Old City View Cross ISRAEL Jerusalem Orthodox Jews Jaffa Gate ISRAEL Jerusalem Outside Church Priest Woman Lines ISRAEL Jerusalem Western Wall At Night Shutter Orthodox Jews ISRAEL Jerusalem Western Wall Orthodox Jew Pray BlkWht ISRAEL Taking a Bus in Israel Army Guns Girls ISRAEL


Bethlehem Seperation Wall Burnt Watch Tower Slingshot PALESTINE Ramallah Check Point Girl walks Past BlkWht PALESTINE Ramallah Market Looking At Fruit PALESTINE


Aswan Hussien Chickens Ramadan Dinner EGYPT Aswan Hussiens Friend Smoke Joint EGYPT Aswan Hussiens Friends Cards Joints copy EGYPT Aswan To Port Train Nasser Looking Out Door EGYPT Cairo Burnt Building From Revolution Man Focus EGYPT Cairo Friends On Vespa EGYPT Cairo Pita Bread Sales On Bicycle EGYPT Cairo Station Platform copy EGYPT Giza Boy Pulling Camel copy EGYPT Luxor Horses Swim Young Men Sunset EGYPT Luxor To Aswan On The Train Men Read Newspapers EGYPT


Aswan To Wadi Halfa Ferry Man Prays Line EGYPT SUDAN Aswan To Wadi Halfa Ferry Old man Smoking SUDAN Wadi Halfa Loaded Land Rover Puncture SUDAN Wadi Halfa Men BBQ Looking SUDAN Wadi Halfa Port Unloading SUDAN

Photographs shared with permission.