Great portraits captured by acclaimed South African photographer and photojournalist Neo Ntsoma.

These great portraits were photographed by acclaimed South African photojournalist Neo Ntsoma.

Neo was the first woman ever to receive the CNN African Journalist Award for photography, and her work has been seen in the pages of TIME, The Washington Post, The London Telegraph and more, and she’s exhibited works across the globe, including the USA, Italy, France and India. From her personal statement:

“I used to take pictures to make people believe in me. Now, I take pictures to make people believe in the subject of my photographs. My aim is to share my point of view about something, and also what I am feeling about it. But what’s important for me is to capture the spirit and soul of the subject I am photographing. I am photojournalist because I don’t really see myself as a commercial photographer except that my work is for sale. I photograph for people who appreciate something a little different, from reportage, portraiture, theater, music and celebrity culture. Photography is an art, and it doesn’t matter to me where it comes from. I photograph what I love best and I earn my living from it.”

Read more about Neo on her Lightstalkers profile, and view more of her work on Al Jazeera.

Neo Ntsoma 02 Neo Ntsoma 03 Neo Ntsoma 04 Neo Ntsoma 05 Neo Ntsoma 06 Neo Ntsoma 07 Neo Ntsoma 08 Neo Ntsoma 09 Neo Ntsoma 10

Photographs shared with permission.

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